Boiled Cauliflower

Pick off the outer leaves and cut off the stem close to the bottom of the flowerets. Wash well in cold water, then soak with the top downward in clear, cold water for one hour. Then tie it in a piece of cheese-cloth, to prevent breaking. Stand it in a kettle of boiling water with the stem downward, add a teaspoonful of salt, cover the kettle, and boil twenty or thirty minutes, until the cauliflower is tender. When done, lift it carefully from the water, undo the cloth, and stand the cauliflower in a round, shallow dish, stem downward. Pour over it Cream Sauce, and serve.

Stewed Cauliflower

Choose those that are close and white. Pick off the outer leaves and break apart. Wash, and soak in cold water for a half-hour. Then put in a kettle of boiling water, add a teaspoonful of salt, and boil briskly until the stalks feel tender (about twenty minutes). When done, take up with a skimmer, that you may not break it. Toast squares of bread, butter them while hot, arrange the cauliflower neatly on them, and serve with Allemande sauce.

Cauliflower Au Gratin

Boil the cauliflower as directed in recipe for Boiled Cauliflower. Put one tablespoonful of butter in a frying-pan; when melted, add a tablespoonful of flour; mix until smooth, add a half-pint of milk; stir continually until it boils; add a half-teaspoonful of salt and four tablespoon-fuls of grated cheese (Parmesan is best), pour this over the cauliflower, and serve.