Fold a piece of very strong muslin (one foot square) from two opposite corners. Fell the edges tightly together, thus forming a triangular bag. Cut off the point to make an opening large enough to insert a tin pastry tube. It is better to have two or three pastry bags, each fitting their own respective tubes.

How To Use The Pastry-Bag

Put the tin tube into the bag and fit it into the opening. Fill the bag with the mixture, close the top of the bag, give it a twist, and hold it tightly with the right hand. Put the point of the tube close to the place where the mixture is to be spread. Press with the left hand, and guide the mixture into any shape desired, eclairs, lady-fingers, etc.

How To Make A Jelly-Bag

Take one yard of thick all-wool flannel, fold the two opposite corners together, fell the side, making a triangular bag. Bind the top with heavy tape, and fasten on the upper side two or three heavy loops by which it may be hung up.

How To Thaw Meat Or Poultry

Stand in a warm room several hours before cooking.

How To Boil Water

Wash out the tea-kettle thoroughly, fill it with fresh cold water, stand it over a quick fire and bring to boiling point. Use at its first bubbles, or it parts with its gases and becomes flat.