Very thick cream should have an equal quantity of new milk added to it before being whipped. But moderately thick cream will whip nicely if ice cold. If you have a small crank churn (you can get them that will hold about two quarts), pour the cream into the churn and turn the dasher steadily for about three minutes, and the cream will be whipped all the way to the bottom. If you use the ordinary whip churn, have the cream in a tin pail, placed in a pan of ice-water. Stand a colander in a bowl or basin. Put the whip churn into the cream, hold it with the left hand, tilt slightly, that it may not stand flatly on the bottom of the pail; now with right hand draw the dasher up quickly, then press it down hard, then up and down again, and so on. When the pail is full, skim off the froth and lay it in the colander to drain, and so continue until you have whipped all the cream.

When whipped cream is to be served alone as a dessert or as a garnish for Bavarian creams and other desserts, it should be flavored before whipping.