Draw and singe a young chicken as directed. Cut the skin and draw it entirely off of the breast. Take off the wings at the second or middle joint, not the one nearest the body. Now run a sharp knife along the breast-bone, removing one-half the breast in one solid piece with the first joint of the wing, thus making a chop or cutlet of one-half the breast with the first joint of the wing bone as a handle. Remove the other side in the same way. One chicken will only make two cutlets. The dark meat may be used for croquettes or other dishes. Put the dark meat in a stewpan and nearly cover with boiling water; add a small onion, a bay leaf, four cloves and a sprig of parsley; place the cutlets in good shape on top of this, cover, and let simmer gently until tender - this can be told by piercing with a fork. When done, take out the cutlets, dust them with salt and pepper, and baste with a tablespoonful of melted butter. Stand the dark meat away until wanted. Let the cutlets stand until cold, or until you are ready to use them. Then dip them first in egg and then in bread crumbs, and fry in boiling fat until a golden brown. Trim the bones with a frill of paper, arrange the cutlets around the outside of a meat dish, fill the centre with cream sauce, and serve.