Mocha and Java coffee are supposed to make the best mixture. The best grade, however, should be bought. It should always be ground just before using and never bought ground, as it quickly loses its flavor, even if kept in air-tight tins.

Coffee should not be boiled longer than one or two minutes; when coffee is boiled for a long time we lose from our beverage the delicious aroma which permeates the room, leaving the coffee bitter. Allow one tablespoonful of coffee for each cupful, and one for the pot.

Five tablespoonfuls of finely ground coffee. Two cupfuls of cold water.

One egg white, or two egg shells, Two cupfuls of boiling water.

Have the coffee ground medium (not too fine); mix the dry coffee with the egg white; add the cold water and mix thoroughly; let come to the boiling point, slowly; boil one or two minutes; then add the boiling water and set on the back part of the stove where it will keep hot, but will not boil, for fifteen or twenty minutes; serve with hot milk and cream. Do not boil, simply scald the milk; boiled milk gives an unpleasant flavor. The egg is used to clear the coffee.

Vienna Coffee

To one-fourth of a cupful of hot milk add two tablespoonfuls of whipped cream; fill the cup with hot coffee.


Scrape fine an ounce and a half of chocolate; put into a saucepan with one cupful of water; cook until smooth; add to it three cupfuls of scalding hot milk; mix thoroughly and serve with whipped cream. If unsweetened chocolate is used add two tablespoonfuls of sugar.


In making tea an earthern teapot is best; fill the teapot with boiling water and let stand five minutes; empty, and put in the tea; allowing one teaspoonful for each cup; cover with freshly boiled water and allow it to stand on the stove where it will keep hot, but will not boil, for five minutes; or put in a cosy.


Juice of three and grated rind of one large lemon,

Half a cupful of sugar, Four cupfuls of water.

Cook the sugar and grated rind of the lemon in half a cupful of water for five minutes; let cool squeeze the lemons; add the syrup and the remainder of the water; strain and serve ice cold.