Soft Boiled Eggs

Put two eggs in a pint sauce pan; cover with boiling water; cover and let stand eight minutes. This method will cook both white and yolk. If you are cooking a large number of eggs, cover with boiling water and let stand three minutes; pour off and add more boiling water; let stand five minutes longer.

General Rule For Boiling Eggs

For very soft boiled eggs, cook in boiling water three minutes; soft boiled, three and one-half minutes; medium soft, four minutes; hard boiled, twenty minutes.

Hard Boiled Eggs

Cover the eggs with boiling water and boil twenty minutes. Cooking eggs ten minutes makes the yolks leathery and indigestible; cooking twenty minutes makes them light and mealy.

Shirred Eggs

Butter a sauce plate; separate two eggs, taking care not to break the yolks; beat the whites stiff; pile up irregularly upon the sauce plate; make two nests in the whites; slip in the yolks; bake in cool oven until the white is lightly browned: season with pepper, salt and a bit of butter, and serve.

Shirred Eggs No. 2

Butter individual plates; break carefully two eggs into each; season with pepper, salt and bits of butter; bake in a moderate oven until the white is set.

Poached Eggs

To one quart of water add one teaspoonful of salt and boil slowly; break the eggs carefully and slip into the water; dip the water over the eggs; loosen carefully from the bottom of the pan; when the white is set lift on a skimmer; trim the edges and slip onto toast.

Scrambled Eggs

Four eggs,

One tablespoonful of butter,

One-half teaspoonful of salt.

Break the eggs with a fork; add the salt; melt the butter in omelet pan; pour in the beaten eggs: stir for two minutes over a hot fire, and serve.

French Omelet

Five eggs,

One tablespoonful of clarified butter,

Five tablespoonfuls of water. Pepper and salt.

Break the eggs with a fork; add the water and beat together; have omelet pan perfectly smooth; put the clarified butter in the pan; when it begins to sizzle pour in the omelet and shake vigorously over the fire until the omelet thickens on the bottom; with a fork lift the cooked egg and let the uncooked run under: season with pepper and salt; loosen from the sides of the pan with a flexible knife and slip the knife under the omelet: fold and turn onto a hot dish; serve immediately. Orated cheese, chopped ham. chicken or parsley may be sprinkled on before folding the omelet.

Light Omelet

Four eggs,

Four tablespoonfuls of milk,

Half a teaspoonful of salt.

One teaspoonful of clarified butter.

Separate the eggs; beat the yolks and milk together; add the salt; beat the whites stiff and add to the mixture; melt the butter in an omelet pan; turn in the egg mixture and cook until nicely browned underneath; set in a cool oven until the egg is firm; loosen from the pan; fold and serve immediately.

Egg Vermicelli

Boil four eggs twenty minutes; let stand in cold water ten minutes; separate the yolks and whites; chop the whites very fine; cook together one tablespoonful of butter; one scant tablespoonful of flour; one-half teaspoonful of salt; half a saltspoonful of white pepper; add one cupful of rich milk and stir constantly until it thickens; add the chopped whites of the eggs; toast six slices of bread; pour the hot cream sauce over the toast; rub the yolks through a fine strainer over the whole; garnish with parsley. This makes an attractive luncheon dish.