Cheese Balls

One and one-half cupfuls of grated cheese, One-fourth teaspoonfnl of salt,

Dash of cayenne pepper,

Whites of three eggs.

Beat the eggs until stiff: add the salt, pepper and grated cheese; shape into small balls about the size of a walnut; roll in fine bread crumbs, then in beaten egg and again in bread crumbs; fry in hot fat, and serve with salad.


One-fourth of a cupful of butter, One cupful of sugar, Two cupfuls of flour, One-half level teaspoonful of nutmeg,

Two eggs,

Two teaspoonfuls of baking powder, One cupful of milk, Three drops of almond extract.

Cream the butter; add the sugar and egg yolks and cream together; add the flour and milk alternately; sift the baking-powder and nutmeg with the flour; beat the whites of the eggs stiff and add to the mixture; then add the flavoring'; roll very thin; cut into shape; fry in deep fat heated very hot; cook until nicely browned; roll in powdered sugar and cinnamon.


One cupful of sugar.

One egg,

One-half teaspoonful of ginger,

Grating of nutmeg,

Enough flour to make a dough,

Two teaspoonfuls of cream tartar, One cupful of sweet milk, One teaspoonful of soda, One tablespoonful of melted butter.

Beat the eggs; add the sugar, and beat together; mix the cream tartar with one cupful of flour and add to the egg and sugar; dissolve the soda in the milk, and add gradually to the egg and sugar; add the butter, mix the ginger and nutmeg with the flour and add enough to make a soft dough; let stand over night, or several hours, before frying; roll a piece of the dough into a sheet half an inch in thickness; cut into shape and fry in deep fat; cut all the doughnuts before frying, as the frying will require your full attention; the fat should be hot enough to brown a piece of potato in one minute.

Sauteing is cooking food in a small quantity of fat. Butter, when clarified, is the most satisfactory for some things, as it browns nicely and gives a delicious flavor to the food, but lard or drippings may be used.

Clarified Butter

To clarify butter, let it boil gently for about a minute - the salt will settle to the bottom; the scum which rises to the top should be skimmed off, leaving the oil clear.


Cut cold mush into thin slices; cook on a griddle buttered with clarified butter until nicely browned.

Fried Apples

Cut tart apples in thin slices; dust lightly with flour, and fry in clarified butter until nicely browned; serve with liver, breakfast bacon or pork chops.

Veal Cutlets

Rub the chops with salt, sugar and pepper; dredge with flour; heat one tablespoonful of clarified butter or drippings in the spider; brown the chops nicely on both sides; add two tablespoonfuls of water; cover the spider closely and let simmer ten minutes; serve on a hot platter; add one-fourth of a cupful of sweet milk to the gravy in the spider, and serve with the chops.

Pork Chops

Season and cook the same as veal (Millets: veal and pork' require long and thorough cooking.

Hamburg Steaks

One pound of round steak chopped very fine; one tablespoonful of minced onion; pepper and salt to taste; mix the meat and seasonings thoroughly together; shape into cakes about three-fourths of an inch in thickness; grease the griddle or spider well; brown nicely on both sides; cook about five minutes, and serve.

Calf's Liver

Cut in slices one-half inch in thickness; dust with pepper and salt and roll in flour; cook in bacon fat until nicely browned; serve with breakfast bacon or fried apples, or cover the liver with boiling water and let stand five minutes; season with pepper and salt; roll in flour and fry in bacon fat or clarified butter.


Fritter Batter

One cupful of flour. Two tablespoonfuls of sugar, One teaspoonful of baking powder,

One saltspoonful of salt,

One egg,

One-third of a cupful of milk.

Mix the flour, sugar, salt and baking-powder together; add the egg. beaten light, and the milk; beat until light and smooth; drop by spoonful into very hot fat; sprinkle with sugar, and serve with maple syrup or lemon sauce.

Apple Fritters

Pare and core two large tart apples; cut into slices about one-third of an inch in thickness; drop into the fritter batter and fry about five or six minutes in very hot deep fat; serve hot with lemon sauce.

Fruit Fritters

Bannas, oranges, pineapple, peaches, etc., are used for fritters; cut into small pieces or slices and add to the fritter batter; fry in deep fat heated very hot.

Chicken Fritters

Cut cold boiled or roast chicken into small pieces; season with salt. pepper and a tablespoonful of lemon juice for each pint of chicken; make a batter as for "Batter Fritters." omitting the sugar; stir the chicken into the batter; drop by spoonful into very hot fat; drain and serve immediately; any tender meat may be substituted for chicken.

Oyster Fritters

Prepare the fritter batter, omitting the sugar; for Large oysters drain and dip into the batter, and fry in very hot fat; if the oysters are small drain and add one cupful of oysters to one cupful of batter; drop by spoonfuls in hot fat and fry until nicely browned; drain on cheese cloth or soft paper, and serve hot.