Salads, to be palatable, should always be crisp and fresh and served icy cold. It is upon its crispness and the proper mingling and selection of ingredients that its success depends; when lettuce is to be used it must be washed carefully, taking care not to break the leaves. The large dark leaves are not nice for salad. Of celery only the white crisp parts are used, the green, tough parts being utilized for soups and stews. All fresh vegetables to be used for salads should stand in ice water until just before serving time. Vegetable salads are served after the meat course at dinner - a rich salad, such as lobster, chicken, sweetbread, etc., is out of place at a heavy meal. These latter are best served at lunches or suppers. In arranging a salad on a dish or in a bowl, handle it very gently; do not press it into form. The garnishings should be of the freshest and crispest kind.

Chicken Salad

Remove the skin and bone from a cold boiled or roast chicken; cut into half-inch dice; to one quart of diced chicken add two tablespoonfuls of lemon juice, one-half teaspoonful of salt and one-half saltspoonful of pepper; let stand in a cold place; cut into half-inch dice enough tender white celery to make three cupfuls: mix the chicken and celery together; moisten with mayonnaise dressing; add one-half cupful of whipped cream; arrange in salad bowl; garnish the dish with crisp bits of celery or white celery leaves.

Equal parts of chicken and sweetbread, or chicken and veal mixed with celery make a nice salad.

Sweetbread Salad

Cover the sweetbread with cold water; add one teaspoonful of salt and stand two or three hours; drain; cover with boiling water; add one teaspoonful of lemon juice; cook until tender; drain; drop into cold water and let stand until cold; remove the membranes and pull apart with a silver fork into small pieces; mix two cupfuls of sweetbreads, two tablespoonfuls of vinegar, one-half teaspoonful of salt and half a saltspoonful of pepper together; let stand on the ice for one hour: cut cucumbers into dice enough to make two cupfuls; let stand in ice water one hour; mix with sweetbreads and moisten with mayonnaise; serve immediately.

Lobster Salad

Cut the lobster into dice; season with salt, pepper and lemon juice. the same as chicken; let stand an hour; separate and wash carefully the leaves from a crisp head of lettuce; let stand in ice water for half an hour; at serving time shake free from water; arrange two or three leaves together in the form of a nest, and arrange the nests on a large dish or individual dishes; season the mayonnaise to taste with a mixture of one teaspoonful of mustard, one teaspoonful of salt and a fourth of a teaspoonful of mixed pepper; mix one-half the dressing with the lobster; put a tablespoonfnl into each shell and a teaspoonful of dressing on top.

Another way of serving Lobster salad is to tear the lettuce into small pieces and mix with the lobster, using one-third as much lettuce as lobster, garnishing the dish with the whole leaves.

Shrimp Salad

Prepare and serve shrimps the same as lobster; the shrimps may be left whole or cut into small pieces.

Crab salad is also prepared in the same way.

Fish Salads

All kinds of cold cooked fish can be used for salads. Dress with a French or mayonnaise dressing, season to taste, and serve on lettuce leaves.

Meat Salad

One pint of cold meat cut in thin slices and then cut into small pieces; to the French dressing' add one tablespoonful of minced parsley and one teaspoonful of onion juice; put a layer of meat in the salad howl; pour on some dressing, another layer of meat, and so on until all the meat and dressing is used; let stand on the ice two hours; garnish the dish with sprigs of parsley, and serve. Any kind of tender meat may be used.

Egg Salad

Boil four eggs twenty minutes; put into cold water; when cold remove shells and cut into halves, lengthwise; remove the yolks, taking care not to break the whites; mash the yolks; moisten with mayonnaise dressing; add one tablespoonful of finely chopped olives; put the mixture back into the whites, and serve on a bed of lettuce leaves.

Cucumber Salad

Cut about an inch off the blossom end of a cucumber; pare and cut in very thin slices; let stand in cold water until very crisp; serve with a French dressing.

Tomato Salad

Drop six medium-sized tomatoes into boiling water; let stand two or three minutes; remove the skin; cut off about one-fourth of each tomato; with a sharp knife cut the pulp loose from the sides and scoop out the center; fill each shell with chipped ice and stand in the refrigerator for two or three hours; cut pulp and the upper part of the tomato into dice; add equal parts of finely cut celery; moisten with mayonnaise; fill the tomato cups with the salad and set on a lettuce leaf, or garnish the plate with nasturtium leaves.

Tomato salad may also be served without the cups.