Potato Salad

Six medium-sized potatoes, Four tablespoonfuls of cooked mayonnaise, One tablespoonful of minced parsley, One tablespoonful of minced onion,

One teaspoonful of dry mustard. Two teaspoonfuls of salt, One-fourth of a teaspoonful of white pepper. Dash of cayenne. Sweet cream.

Pare and cover the potatoes with boiling water; add one teaspoonful of salt; boil slowly until tender; drain; remove the cover and shake over the fire until the potatoes are dry; when cool enough to handle cut into thin slices; mix the pepper, salt and mustard together; add to the cooked mayonnaise and mix until smooth, then add onion and parsley; slowly add sweet cream enough to make it the consistency of thin cream; put a layer of potatoes in the salad bowl; cover with the dressing-, then another layer of potatoes and more dressing until the bowl is filled; pour the remainder of the dressing over the potatoes and set in a cold place for two or three hours; garnish with parsley.

Beet Salad

Boil beets: remove skins and cut into dice: season with salt and pepper; mix with cream dressing: garnish with sprigs of parsley, and serve.

Asparagus Salad

Cook three bunches of asparagus in boiling salted water until tender: when cold cut off the tender parts; mix with a cream dressing. seasoned.with pepper and salt, or serve six stalks with one teaspoon ful of mayonnaise to each person.

Cabbage Salad

One small head of cabbage, One-half of a cupful of cooked mayonnaise dressing, Two tablespoonfuls of sugar,

One-half of a teaspoonful of salt, One-half of a saltspoonful of pepper, One-half of a cupful of sweet cream.

Divide the cabbage in four parts: wash well in cold water; take off all the wilted leaves and cut out the tough parts from the center; shred the cabbage very fine with a sharp knife and throw into cold water until crisp; mix the salt, sugar and pepper together and then mix into the dressing; add the cream gradually: shake off all the water from the cabbage; mix with the dressing and serve. Hard-boiled eggs, chopped fine, may be added to the salad if desired.

Lettuce Salad

Break off all the leaves carefully from a head of lettuce; wash and throw into ice water for one or two hours: then shake off all the water; dress with French dressing, and serve. If the leaves are very large, tear into pieces.

Celery Salad

Wash and cut the celery into strips; let stand in ice water for half an hour; cut into pieces about an inch long and dress with mayonnaise dressing, seasoned to taste with pepper and salt and mustard: arrange in the salad bowl and garnish with choice bits of celery.

Apple Salad

Three tart apples,

One-half pound of English walnuts,

One tablespoonful of cooked mayonnaise dressing,

Six tablespooufuls of whipped cream, One tablespoonful of sugar. One-half saltspoonful of salt.

Pare, core, quarter and slice very thin the apples; break the walnuts into small pieces; add the sugar, salt and cream to the dressing; mix the apples and nuts and add the dressing; serve immediately.

Banana Salad

Six bananas,

One cupful of sugar,

Juice of two large lemons, One-fourth cupful of water.

Cook the sugar and water together for five minutes; when cold add the lemon juice; slice six bananas very thin into the salad bowl; pour over them the syrup and let stand one or two hours before serving.

Fruit Salad

One-half dozen oranges. Three bananas,

One-half pound of white grapes.

Skin and seed the grapes; take pulp of the oranges, removing the seeds and membrane; peel and slice the bananas very thin; mix fruit together; moisten with mayonnaise, and serve.

Salad Dressings

Mayonnaise Dressing

Yolks of two eggs, One level teaspoonful of sugar, One-half level teaspoonful of dry mustard,

One level teaspoonful of salt,

One pint of olive oil,

Juice of one lemon,

Two tablespoonfuls of vinegar.

When making mayonnaise, have utensils and ingredients very cold; a Dover egg-beater or a fork may be used; beat the yolks of the eggs until very creamy; add the seasonings and beat again; then add the oil very slowly until the mixture thickens; when it gets too thick to beat add one tablespoonful of lemon juice or vinegar; then more oil until it again thickens, then more lemon or vinegar, and continue until the full amount is used. A cup of whipped cream added to the dressing just before using improves the flavor; the whipped whites of the eggs added will increase the bulk.

French Dressing

One tablespoonful of sharp vinegar, Three tablespoonfuls of olive oil.

One-fourth of a teaspoonful of salt. One-half saltspoonful of pepper.

Mix the vinegar, salt, pepper and oil together and beat with a fork until the oil and vinegar unite. This dressing may be made at the table, and the salad dressed just before serving.

Cooked Mayonnaise Dressing

Four egg yolks and one whole egg,

Six tablespoonfuls of vinegar. One generous teaspoonful of butter.

Heat the vinegar scalding hot; beat the eggs until creamy; pour the hot vinegar over the beaten eggs; cook over boiling water, stirring constantly until it thickens, then add the butter; season according to the salad to be served.

Cream Dressing

One tablespoonful of butter. Two tablespoonfuls of flour, One-half of a cupful of cream,

One cupful of rich milk. Four tablespoonfuls of vinegar or lemon juice.

Melt the butter; add flour and cook together; add milk and stir until thickened; add gradually the vinegar and when cold stir in the cream.