Oysters served on the half shell should be opened just before serving. Six, on a large plate, with half of a lime in the center, should be served to each person.

Oyster Cocktail

Two tablespoonfuls of California oysters, One tablespoonful of lemon or lime juice, Pinch of salt,

Three tablespoonfuls of tomato catsup, One-fourth teaspoonful Worcester shire sauce, One or two drops of tobasco sauce.

Have all the ingredients cold; mix the catsup, lime juice, Worcestershire sauce, salt and tobasco sauce together; put the oysters in the glass and pour over the sauce; serve in punch or champagne glasses.

Panned Oysters

One tablespoonful of butter, One-fourth teaspoonful of salt,

Two dozen Eastern oysters, Half a saltspoonful of pepper.

Melt the butter in an omelet pan or chafing dish; add the salt and pepper and then the oysters; cook until the edges curl and the oysters become plump; serve on toast.

Oyster Stew

Two dozen large oysters, or three dozen small ones, One quart of milk,

Pepper and salt,

One tablespoonful of butter.

Finger the oysters carefully and remove any pieces of shell; scald the milk in double boiler; cook the oysters in their own liquor until the edges curl; then add the milk and butter; season to taste; serve with crackers.

Oyster Patties

Heat patty cases and fill with creamed oysters.

Creamed Oysters

One can of Eastern oysters or fifty California oysters, One pint of cream or rich milk,

One blade of mace,

One tablespoonful of butter

One tablespoonful of flour.

Put the oysters in a saucepan and cook in their own liquor until plump; put the cream and mace in double boiler and heat scalding hot; cook butter and flour together; remove the mace and add the hot cream slowly to the butter and flour; season with salt and pepper; add the cooked oysters, and serve.

Oysters A La Poulette

Cook one quart of oysters in their own liquor until they boil; when they begin to boil, strain; cook together one tablespoonful of butter and one tablespoonful of flour; add one cup to the oyster liquid and stir until a smooth sauce is formed; add one pint of cream, one level teaspoonful of salt, one-half saltspoonful of white pepper, dash of cayenne pepper and a slight grating of nutmeg; beat the yolks of four eggs: add one-half cup of cold cream; add the oysters to the cooking mixture and then the beaten yolks of the eggs; cook two or three minutes, stirring all the time; serve immediately with puff paste cakes or crackers. If liked, a tablespoonful of lemon juice may be added just as the oysters are taken from the fire.

Escalloped Oysters

Moisten stale bread crumbs with melted butter, and season with salt and pepper; butter the baking dish; put a layer of bread crumbs in the bottom and then a layer of oysters, another layer of crumbs and another layer of oysters; cover the whole with the crumbs and bake in a moderate oven about twenty minutes, or until the crumbs are nicely browned.

Note. - For escalloped oysters a shallow dish or platter should be used, allowing only two layers of oysters to each dish. If more are used the upper and under layers will be overcooked while the inner ones may be underdone.