Golden Sauce

One-third cupful of butter,

One cupful of sugar (powdered).

Yolks of two eggs,

One-third cupful of milk. Grated rind of half an orange.

Cream the butter; add the sugar and cream together; then add the yolks of the eggs and orange rind; heat the milk scalding hot; pour onto the butter; cook until it thickens.

Lemon Sauce

One cupful of water, Rind of half a lemon, One teaspoonful of butter,

One cupful of sugar,

One teaspoonful of cornstarch,

Juice of one large lemon.

Mix cornstarch with sugar; cook sugar, water, cornstarch and rind of the lemon together for ten minutes; remove from the fire and add butter and lemon juice.

Wine Sauce

Cream one cupful of butter; add two cupfuls of powdered sugar and cream together; heat a cupful of wine and add slowly; cook over boiling water for two minutes.

Caramel Sauce

Cools together one cupful of sugar and one-fourth of a cupful of water; boil rapidly until it begins to brown; then stir until of a rich golden brown; add one-half cupful of water and stir until smooth.

Brandy Sauce

Cook one cupful of sugar and half a cupful of water for fifteen minutes; beat the yolks of three eggs and stir them into the boiling syrup; set the bowl into a pan of hot water and beat until it begins to thicken; add one tablespoonful of butter and the whites of three eggs beaten stiff; lastly add one-third of a cupful of brandy; stir thoroughly, and serve.

Hard Sauce

Beat half a cupful of butter to a cream; gradually add one cupful of powdered sugar and beat until creamy; flavor with one teaspoon-ful of any flavoring desired.

Foamy Sauce

Heat butter and sugar together as for hard sauce; add gradually one-third of a cupful of boiling milk, beating all the time; serve immediately.

Fruit Sauce

Cook one cupful of sugar, one tablespoonful of flour and one cupful of water together, for five minutes; add half a cupful of any kind of fruit juice; pour over one-half cupful of butter beaten to a cream.

Berry Sauce

One pint of berries (raspberries, strawberries or blackberries). One tablespoonful of butter,

One and one-half cupfuls of powdered sugar. One egg.

Put the berries in bowl; add one tablespooniul of granulated sugar and mash to draw out the juices; set the bowl in a warm place; beat the butter to a cream; add the powdered sugar and the beaten white of the egg; just before serving add the mashed berries or juice.