English Plum Pudding

One-half pound of stale bread crumbs, One cupful of hot milk. One-half cupful of sugar. Four eggs,

One-half pound of raisins, One-half pound of currants.

One-fourth pound of figs, One-eighth pound of citron, One-half pound of suet, One-fourth cup of brandy, One-half teaspoonful each of cinnamon, mace, cloves, nutmeg, One teaspoonful of salt.

Cover the bread crumbs with the milk; separate the eggs; beat the yolks until creamy; add the sugar and beat together; add to the bread and milk; chop and flour the figs and suet; add all the ingredients to the bread and milk; beat the whites of the eggs stiff and add to the mixture; butter the mould; fill three-quarters full; steam in a single mould from five to ten hours; serve with brandy sauce.

Steamed Suet Pudding

Three cupfuls of flour,

One level teaspoonful of soda.

One cup of chopped suet,

One cup of raisins and currants.

One cup of water, One cup of molasses. One teaspoonful each of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.

Mix the flour, soda, spices and suet together; add the molasses, fruit and water; steam three hours in a single mould, or one hour in small moulds; serve hot. with fruit sauce.

Orange Pudding

One cupful of bread crumbs, Juice and rind of one-half orange, One-third cup of sugar,

Yolks of two eggs, Whites of four eggs.

Cover the bread crumbs with milk; add the rind and juice of the orange and the beaten yolks of the eggs; beat the whites until stiff; add the sugar and beat and add to the mixture; bake in a buttered mould; set in a pan of hot water; bake until firm; serve with golden sauce.

French Bread Pudding

One cupful of bread crumbs, Two cupfuls of milk, Two small eggs,

One saltspoonful of salt, One tablespoonful of sugar, One teaspoonful of butter.

Scald the milk and pour it over the bread crumbs; separate the eggs and beat the yolks with the sugar; add to the bread crumbs; and salt and the butter, melted; pour into a buttered baking dish; set in a pan of hot water; bake in a moderate oven until firm; when cooked spread with jelly; beat the whites of the eggs stiff; add two tablespoonfuls of powdered sugar and beat together; cover the pudding with the meringue and bake in a cool oven until nicely browned.

Prune Pudding

One-half pound of prunes.

One pint of water,

One cupful of sugar,

One quarter teaspoonful of salt.

Juice of one-half lemon, Six level tablespoonfuls of corn starch.

Wash the prunes and soak over night; simmer until tender; remove the pits; add enough water to the liquid to make two cupfuls; mix the cornstarch with the sugar; add to the prunes and cook fifteen minutes, stirring frequently; when cooked add the lemon juice and one-half teaspoonful of almond extract; dip the mould in cold water and drain; fill with the pudding and set away to cool; serve cold with whipped cream.

Delicate Pudding

Four level tablespoonfuls of cornstarch, One-fourth cupful of cold water, Whites of three eggs,

One and one-half cupfuls of boiling water. One-half cupful of sugar, One teaspoonful of vanilla.

Mix the cornstarch with the cold water; pour over it the boiling water and cook fifteen minutes; beat the eggs stiff; add the sugar and beat together; pour the hot starch over the egg and sugar and beat until smooth; add the vanilla; dip mould in water; fill with pudding; set on ice; serve with boiled custard made from the yolks of the eggs.

Boiled Custard

One pint of milk. Yolk of three eggs.

Three tablespoonfuls of sugar, One-half teaspoonful of vanilla.

Scald the milk; beat the eggs and sugar together; pour the hot milk over the beaten egg; cook until creamy; add the vanilla and set aside to cool.

Cream Rice Pudding

One-fourth cupful of rice,

Two and one-quarter cupfuls of milk,

One tablespoonful of sugar, Saltspoonful of salt.

Wash the rice; add the milk, sugar and salt and allow it to come to the boiling point; simmer slowly and cook for two or three hours, stirring occasionally; when the rice is tender put on the grate in a hot oven and brown; serve hot or cold.

Bread And Apple Pudding

Four tart apples,

Two slices of stale bread.

Salt, sugar and cinnamon.

Butter the baking dish; pare, core and slice the apples; soak the bread in cold water: put a layer of apples in the bottom of the baking dish; sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon and a little salt; put a layer of bread, another layer of apples and cover the top with stale bread crumbs; moisten with melted hotter; hake in a moderate oven for half an hour: cover dish the first fifteen minutes; serve hot with lemon sauce.

Apple Roly-Poly

Two cupfuls of flour.

One teaspoonful of baking powder.

Oue teaspoonful of salt.

One tablespoonful of butter,

One half cupful of sugar. Two teaspoonfuls of cinnamon, One egg, Milk.

Sift the flour, salt, baking-powder together; rub in the butter; beat the egg: add to the flour with enough milk to make a soft dough; turn out on moulding hoard and knead until smooth, using flour enough to keep from sticking; roll into sheet one-quarter inch in thickness; spread thickly with sliced apples; sift over them the sugar and cinnamon; roll like a jelly roll; press the edges of the dough well together: place the pudding in baking dish; cover and steam over boiling water for one and a half hours; or put in pudding dish and hake forty minutes; serve with lemon or wine sauce.

Prune Souffle

One-half pound of prunes. One-half teaspoonful of salt, Juice of one lemon.

Whites of six eggs,

Six tablespoonfuls of sugar.

Wash and soak the prunes over night; stew until very soft; remove the pits and chop very fine; add the lemon juice; beat the whites of the eggs very stiff; add the sugar and salt and beat together; beat in the chopped prunes; put in buttered baking dish and bake in a cool oven thirty minutes; serve immediately, with creamy sauce.

Baked Cornmeal Pudding

Scald one pint of milk; moisten one and one-half tablespoonfuls of cornmeal with a little cold milk; pour over it the hot milk and cook in a double boiler for two hours, stirring frequently; then add one level tablespoonful of butter, one-half teaspoonful of salt; two tablespoonfuls of molasses, two eggs and one pint of cold milk; butter a baking dish and fill with the mixture; bake in a moderate oven one hour; set the baking dish into a pan of hot water.

Caramel Custards

Three eggs.

Two cupfuls of milk,

Two-third cupful of caramelized sugar.

Scald the milk; beat the eggs; pour the hot milk over the beaten eggs; add the sugar, or rather syrup; pour into buttered custard cups; set the cups in pan of hot water; bake in cool oven until firm; serve with caramel sauce.