Soak a quart of navy beans overnight. Then put them on the fire, with three quarts of water; three onions, fried or sautéd in a little butter; one little carrot; two potatoes, part-ly boiled in other water; a small cut of pork; a little red pep-per, and salt. Let it all boil slowly for five or six hours. Pass it then through a colander or sieve. Return the pulp to the fire; season properly with salt and Cayenns pepper. Put into the tureen croûtons, or bread, cut in half-inch squares, and fried brown on all sides in a little butter or in boiling: fat. Professor Blot adds broth, bacon, onions, celery, one or two cloves, and carrot to his bean soup. A French cook I once had added a little raustard to her bean soup, winch, made a pleasant change. Another cook adds crearn at the last moment. Or,

A very good bean soup can be made from the remains of baked beans; the brown baked beans giving it a good color. Merely add water and a bit of onion; boil it to a pulp, and pass it through the colander.

If a little stock, or sorae bones or pieces of fresh meat are at hand, they add also to the flavor of bean soup.

Bean And Tomato Soup

A pint of canned tomatoes, boiled, and passed through the sieve, with a quart of bean soup, makes a very pleasant change.