French Vegetable-Cutters

The little cups of figures A and B are pressed into potatoes, or any bulbous vegetable, then turned around. The cutter A will make little potato-balls, say an inch in diameter, which are fried, and called "potatoes à la Parisienne." The figure B will cut oblong forms. Smallersized cutters are preferable for cutting potatoes, carrots, turnips, etc., for garnishing à la jardinière.

French Vegetable Cutters 19French Vegetable Cutters 20

Tin Cutters, For Cutting Slices Of Bread To Fry For Decorating Dishes (Croûtons), Or To Serve In Soups

They may also be used for cutting slices of vegetables for decorations or for soups.

Potato, Carrot, Or Turnip Cutter

This simple little instrument cuts the vegetables mentioned into curls. When the curl is cut, the vegetable is afterward cut from the outside to meet it, when it easily slips out. The handle is separate from the iron wire, and has to be taken o2 in order to remove the curl.

Potato Carrot Or Turnip Cutter 21Potato Carrot Or Turnip Cutter 22Potato Carrot Or Turnip Cutter 23Potato Carrot Or Turnip Cutter 24

The curls can be boiled in salted water, if of carrots; if of tur-nips, they are better cooked after the Frcnch receipt given; if of potatoes, they are generally fried in boiling lard, and sprin kled with a little salt as soon as done. They make a pretty garnish, or may be served alone.

Fluted Knife, For Cutting Vegetables Into Various Fancy Forms For Decorations, Or For Salads

Some cut mushrooms with this knife, to give them a scolloped surface.

Fluted Knife For Cutting Vegetables Into Various F 25Fluted Knife For Cutting Vegetables Into Various F 26Fluted Knife For Cutting Vegetables Into Various F 27Fluted Knife For Cutting Vegetables Into Various F 28

French Cook's Knife

Made of best steel. It can easily be kept very sharp, and made of almost constant use in preparing dishes. It is especially useful for boning. It costs seventy-five cents, yet, with proper care, should last a life-time. These knives are so light, sharp, and easily handled, that, when once used, a person would consider it very awkward to cook without one.