The Saratoga Potato-Cutter

The screws at the sides adjust a sharp knife, so that, by rubbing the potato over the plane, it may be cut as fine or as coarse as may be desired. The plane is also used for cutting cabbage, or for onions to serve with cucumbers. Cabbage, however, should not be cut too thin, as it is thereby less crisp. Cost, 50 cents.

The Can-Opener

This is the best and cheapest pattern.

The handle, knife, and square piece are all made together of pressed iron. Cost, 25 cents.

The Cream-Whipper

The handle A is placed inside the tube B. The tube is dipped into a bowl of sweetened and flavored cream. By churning and pressing it through the perforated hole3, the cream becomes a light froth, which is skimmed off the top, and put on a sieve, as soon as a few table - spoonfuls of it are formed. Cost, 25 cents.

The Wire-Basket, For Frying

Articles to be fried are placed in the basket, which is immersed in boiling fat. It facilitates frying, as the articles are all cooked, lifted out, and well drained at the same time. It is especially nice for frying smelts or for boiling eggs.

The Egg-Poacher

The eggs are carefully broken into the little cups, and placed in the stand. The

The Egg Poacher 10The Egg Poacher 11


The Egg Poacher 12

B stand is then dipped into well-salted water, which is merely simmering. When done, each cup (formed like a shell) is taken out from the stand, and carefully tipped over a piece of buttered toast, leaving the egg with the pretty form of the cup on top.

The Egg Poacher 13The Egg Poacher 14

The Fish-Stand

Fried smelts are hung by catching them to the sharp points of the stand. The intervening places are filled with parsley or leaves, and the whole served in form of a pyramid. The Butter - roller.

- The wooden squares are dipped into cold water. A small piece of butter (enough for one person at table) is placed on one square, then rolled around with the other one held in the other hand. A little ball is formed with a net-work surface. A number of balls are thus formed of the same size, and piled on the butter-dish, as in cut.

Butter or Mashed-potato Syringe. -The butter is placed in the tube, and pressed through the round holes in the end on to the butter-dishes. It forms a pretty effect of fillets of butter, resembling vermicelli. Potatoes boiled, seasoned, and mashed may also be pressed through the tube around beef, venison, or almost any meat or fish dish, making a pretty decoration.

The Fish Stand 15The Fish Stand 16The Fish Stand 17The Fish Stand 18