Fresh cod-fish is better boiled. The fish is so large that it is generally boiled in slices. After it is well salted, horse-rad-ish and vinegar in the boiling water will improve the fish. Oyster-sauce is the favorite sauce for a boiled cod-fish. Capers might be mixed with the oyster-sauce. Some serve the fish with the sauce poured over it. Any of the fish sauces may be served with fresh cod-fish. These slices may also be broiled and served with a maître-d'hôtel sauce, or they may be egged and bread-crumbed, and f ried in boiling lard.

Crimped Cod-Fish (Rudmanii)

Soak two slices of cod-fish one inch thick for two hours in ice-water; put them into the stew-pan, and, pouring over enough salted boiling water to cover them, let them simmer for about ten minutes; place them neatly on a platter on a folded napkin, garnish with parsley, and pour into the two cavities a Tartare or a pickle sauce.

Salt Cod-Fish

Soak this in water overnight; parboil it, changing the water once or twice; separate the flakes. Serve them on thin slices of toast, with an egg sauce poured over. Or,

Mince it when boiled in very little water, which should be changed once; thicken it with butter and flour mixed; cook about two minutes, then break in several eggs. When the eggs are cooked and mixed with the fish, pour all on thin slices of buttered toast.

Cod-Fish Balls

Cut the cod-fish in pieces; soak them about an hour in luke-warm water, when the bones and skin may be easily removed; pull the fish then into fine shreds, and put it on the stove in some cold water. As soon as it begins to boil, change the water, and repeat this process a second time. It is not proper to boil it, as it renders it tough. As soon as the fish is ready, some potatoes must be cooked at the same time, i. e., boiled tender, and well-mashed while still hot, with a little butter added. Mix half as much cod-fish as potatoes while both are still hot. Form them into little balls or thick flat cakes. Fry them in a little hot butter in a sauté pan, or immerse them in boiling-hot lard. It makes all the difference in the flavor of the balls if the fish and potatoes are mixed while both are hot: Of course, they are bet-ter fried at once, but may be made the night before serving (at breakfast), if they are only properly mixed.