Cut three pounds of any kind of fresh fish (cod-fish is espe-iially good), one and a half pounds of potatoes, and one large onion (three ounces) into slices; also, half a pound of salt pork into half-inch squares or dice.

Put the pork and onions into a saucepan, and fry them a ligbt brown; then add a cupful of claret; and when it boils take it from the fire.

Fish Chowder 83

Butter a large stew-pan, and put in first a layer of potatoes, then a layer of fish, tben a sprinkle of onions and pork (strain-ed from the claret), pepper and salt, and continue these alterna-tions until it is all in, having the potatoes on top. Now pour the claret over the top, and barely cover the whole with boil-ing water. Cover closely, and let it simmer for fifteen minutes without disturbing it.

In the mean time, bring a pint of milk (or, better, cream) to a boil, take it from the fire, and cut into it three ounces of butter, and break in three sbip-crackers. Arrange the slices of fish and potatoes in the shape of a dome in the centre of a bot plat-ter. Place the softened crackers (skimmed from the milk) over the top, and pour over the milk. Serve very bot.