How To Boil Corn On The Cob

At the Saratoga Lake House there is a third specialty of good things. The first is the fried potato, the second is the fresh trout, the third is boiled corn, which is served as a course by itself. The corn is boiled in the husk. The latter im parts sweetness and flavor to the corn, besides keeping it moist and tender. The unhusked corn is put into salted boiling water, and when done, and well drained, some of the outside husks are removed, and the corn is served, with the remaining husks about it; or, the cobs may be broken from the husks just before sending them to table, which would save this trouble afterward.

Corn Mock Oysters

Mix into a pint of grated green corn three table-spoonf uls of milk, one tea-cupful of flour, a piece of butter the size of a hickory-nut, one tea-spoonful of salt, half a tea-spoonful of pepper, and one egg. Drop it by dessert-spoonfuls into a little hot butter, and sautÚ it on both sides. It resembles, and has much the flavor of fried oysters. It is a good tea or lunch dish. Serve it hot, on a warm platter.

Corn Custard, To Be Served As A Vegetable

Cut corn from the cob, mix it not too thin with milk, two or three beaten eggs, pepper and salt; bake half an hour. It is very nice.

Corn Custard To Be Served As A Vegetable 119

Corn Pudding For Tea

Ingredients: One dozen ears of sweet - corn, three eggs, one pint of milk, three table-spoonfuls of sugar, a small tea-spoon-ful of salt, a little butter, a little flour if the corn is quite young, with a little less milk; if the corn is older, omit it; grate half of the corn, and cut the other half. Bake.

Grated Corn SautÚd

Mix grated corn with salt and pepper; sautÚ it in a little hot butter.