Cauliflower, With White Sauce

Trim off the outside leaves, and put the cauliflower into well-salted boiling water. Be careful to take it out as soon as tender, to prevent it dropping into pieces. Make, in a saucepan, a white sauce as follows: Put butter the size of an egg into the saucepan, and when it bubbles stir in a scant half tea-cup-ful of flour; stir well with an egg -whisk until cooked; then add two tea-cupfuls of thin cream, some pepper and salt. Stir it over the fire until perfectly smooth. Pour the sauce over the cauliflower, and serve. Many let the cauliflower simmer in the sauce a few moments before serving. The sauce Hollandaise is very fine for cauliflower.

Cauliflower is delicious served as a garnish around fried spring chickens, or with fried sweet - breads, when the white sauce should be poured over both. In this case, it should be made by adding the cream, flour, and seasoning to the little grease (half a tea-spoonful) that is left after sautéing the chickens or sweet-breads. Time to cook, fifteen minutes, if small; twenty minutes, if large.

Cauliflowers, With Cheess

Add plenty of grated cheese (say a cupful to a pint of sauce) to the usual white sauce made for cauliflowers. Heat the sauce well, to melt the cheese thoroughly, and pour it over the cauliflowers.

Cauliflower is valuable as a salad, with the Mayonnaise dress-ing, or, mixed with other cold vegetables, with the French dressing. See Salads.