Casseroles are generally made of boiled rice, or of mashed boiled potatoes. When of rice, first cook thoroughly with milk, salt, and a little butter; or they may be cooked in broth, with a Little ham added, which is afterward to be taken out. Mash fine. When of potatoes, boil, season, and mash them well. Butter the casserole mold. First press the rice, or the potatoes, which-ever used, into the figures of the mold; then fill it. In the centre bread may be substituted. Put the casserole aside to harden. When quite cold and firm, carefully unclasp and take off the mold; then, with a small, sharp knife and a spoon, scoop out the inside, leaving the casserole from a half to an inch thick. Just before serving, with a little paste-brush, dipped in the yolk of an egg, brush the whole surface. This may be omitted if preferred. Put in a very hot oven a few moments, to heat the rice or potato, and to color slightly the egg. Fill it with vegetables, such as cauliflower, Lima beans, string-beans, arti-chokes, pease, etc.; or with chicken fricasseed or fried, and served with a cream dressing, or with Bechamel sauce, or en blanquette; or with any kind of scollops, whether of game, poultry, sweet-breads, fish, or shell-fish.