Fig. A, a circular tin mold for blanc-manges, jellies, etc. Fig. B, supposed to be a blanc-mange filled with strawberries. These centres may be filled with any kind of berries, compotes, fresh fruits, creams, etc., and make exceedingly pretty dishes. With a small mold of this kind one can prepare a very dainty-lookincr dish for an invalid. It may be filled with blanc-mange, tapioca jelly, Irish moss, wine, or chicken jellies, etc., and filled with a compote, a whipped cream, beaten eggs, or any allowable relish. Fig. C, a circular mold, of more elaborate pattern, yet quite as easy to manage as the simple one. Fig. D, wine jelly, filled with whipped cream. Fig.


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E, a casserole mold. Fig. F, a casserole of rice or mashed potatoes, filled with fried (sautęd) spring chickens, with cream sauce, and surrounded with cauliflower blossoms. A pretty course for dinner, tea, or supper.


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