How To Prepare An Uncooked Egg

This is a delicate, strengthening, and valuable preparation for an invalid.

Beat well the yolk and a tea-spoonful of sugar in a goblet; then stir in one or two tea-spoonfuls of brandy, sherry, or port wine. Add to this mixture the white of the egg beaten to a stiff froth. Stir all well together. It should quite fill the goblet. If wine is not desired, flavor the egg with nutmeg. It is very palatable without any flavoring at all.

Tapioca Jelly

Ingredients: One cupful of tapioca, four cupfuls of water, juice and a little of the grated rind of one lemon, and sugar to taste.

Soak the tapioca for four or five hours in the water. Sweeten it, and set it in a pan of boiling water to cook an hour, or until it is thoroughly done and quite clear, stirring it frequently. When nearly cooked, stir in the lemon; and when done, pour it into little molds. Serve with cream sweetened and flavored.

Sea-Moss Blanc-Mange

Wash the moss well, and soak it for half an hour or more in a little cold water. To half an ounce or a handful of moss allow one quart of water, or rather of rich milk, if the patient can take milk. When the water or milk is boiling, add the soaked sea-moss, and sugar to taste. Let them simmer until the moss is entirely dissolved. Strain the juice into cups or little molds. Many boil a stick of cinnamon with the water or milk, and flavor also with wine; but the simple flavor of the sea-moss is very pleasant. It may be served with a little cream and sugar poured over it.

Arrowroot Jelly Or Blanc-Mange

Add two heaping tea-spoonfuls of best arrowroot, rubbed smooth with a little cold water, to a coffee-cupful of boiling water or rich milk which has been sweetened with two tea-spoonfuls of sugar. Stir and boil it until it has thickened. It may be flavored with lemon-juice if made with water, or with brandy or wine if made with milk. It is very nice without flavoring. Pour into a cup or little mold. Serve with cream and sugar poured over, or with a compote of fruit around it,

Corn-starch and Rice Puddings are explained among the regular receipts for puddings. Little circular molds come in form of Fig. A, on page 59. It is a pretty form for any of these puddings or blanc- manges, with a compote of apples, peaches, plums, or any other kind of fruit, in the centre.

Rice Jelly

Mix enough water to two heaping tea-spoonfuls of rice flour to make a thin paste; then add to it a coffee-cupful of boiling water. Sweeten to taste with loaf-sugar. Boil it until it is transparent. Flavor by boiling with it a stick of cinnamon if the jelly is intended for a patient with summer complaint; or add, instead, several drops of lemon-juice if intended for a patient with fever. Mold it

Vanilla should never be used for flavoring* any dish for an invalid. Homeopathic books can never say enough about its poisonous effects on even healthy and robust persons.

Rice-water for Drink is made in the same way, in the proportion of a table-spoonful of rice flour to a quart of boiling water.