Clear amber soup.

Fried cuts of fish, with tomato-sauce.

Sweet-breads and cauliflowers (cream dressing over both).

Croquettes of chicken (in form of cutlets), with pease.

Roast lamb; caper-sauce; spinach.

Green corn served in husks.*

Sliced tomatoes, with Mayonnaise dressing.

Cheese; wafers; cucumbers.

Maraschino Bavarian cream, and fresh strawberries.

Ice-cream. Fruits.


Consommé de bœuf clair.

White-fish à l'Orlay.

Ris de veau aux choux-fleurs.

* Foreigners consider it vulgar to eat corn from the cob, although quite elegant to eat asparagus with their fingers. - Ed.

Croquettes de volaille aux petits pois.

Agneau rôti aux épinards.

Mayonnaise de tomate.

Fromage; concombres.

Bavaroix au maraschino.

Glace de crème au chocolat.