Soup, with fried bread (aux croûtons).

Chicken, with rice (see page 177).

Macaroni, with tomato-sauce (see page 210).

Lettuce, with Mayonnaise dressing.

Corn-starch pudding (page 275), with a circle of peach marmalade around.

Necessary - a soup-bone, a soup-bunch, with plenty of pars-ley, a large chicken, half a pound of macaroni, a half-pint can of tomatoes, three-fourths of a tea-cupful of rice.

Make the Mayonnaise dressing with three eggs in the morn-ing. Use the whites of the eggs for the corn-starch pudding, which make at the same time, and put away in a mold to hard-en. Also put aside the rice to soak in cold water.

Five hours before dinner, put on the soup-bone, with the neck of the chicken also, as every little adds. An hour before dinner, cut up the soup-bunch, saving part of it for the tomato-sauce, as one or two sprigs of the parsley and a small onion. Put the remaining vegetables (frying the onion) into the soup, leaving only a sprig of parsley for the chicken. Cut up the pieces of chicken, which fry or sauté brown in some hot drip-pings; put them then into a stew-pan. Add to the drippings (about a table-spoonful) a tea-spoonful of flour, and, when rub-bed smooth, a pint of hot water, a ladleful of the soup taken from the soup-kettle, and a sprig of parsley chopped fine. Add this now to the fried pieces of chicken in the stew-pan; let them simmer until about five minutes before dinner.

For the soup, cut some bread into rather large dice, say three-quarters of an inch square; fry, or rather sauté, them in a little butter, turning all sides of the bread to allow it to become brown. Place the dice in the open oven, or at the back of the range, to become perfectly dry before the dinner-hour. Half an hour before dinner, put tlie macaroni to boil in another ladleful of stock mixed with some salted boiling water. Now make the tomato-sauce: make it as in receipt, and place it at the side of the fire or in the bain-marie until the macaroni is done. Put on the rice to boil for about fifteen minutes in a little salted boiling water.

Just before serving the dinner is the busiest time. Strain the macaroni, and mix it with the sauce; put it into the oven for a few minutes to soak. Strain the soup, remove all the grease, and season it with pepper and salt. Put the bread dice, or croûtons, into the soup-tureen, pour over the soup, and send it to table. Take out the pieces of chicken, which arrange neatly on a warm platter; strain the stock in which it was boiled, remove all the fat, add the rice to it, season with pepper and salt, and let it simmer on the fire until it is time to be served, and then pour it over the chickens, and send them into the dining-room. The lettuce is next washed and dressed; afterward the pudding is turned from the mold, and decorated with the circle of peach marmalade.