Ingredients: One large chicken; one and a half pints of green gumbo, or one pint of dried gumbo; three pints of wa-ter; pepper and salt.

Cut the chickens into joints, roll them in flour, and fry or sauté them in a little lard. Take out the pieces of chicken, and put in the sliced gumbo (either the green or the dried), and sauté that also until it is brown. Drain well the chickens and gumbo. There should be about a table-spoonful of brown fat left in the sauté pan; to this add a large table-spoonful of browned flour; then add the three pints of water, the chicken, cut into small pieces, and the gumbo. Simmer all together two hours. Strain through a colander. Serve boiled rice in anoth-er dish by the side of the soup - tureen. Having put a ladlef ul of the soup in the soup - plate, place a table - spoonf ul of rice in the centre.

Gumbo And Tomato Soup

If canned gumbo and tomatoes mixed are used, merely add to them a pint or more of stock or strong beef broth. Bring them to the boiling-point, and season with pepper and salt.

If the fresh vegetables are used, boil the tomatoes and gumbo together for about half an hour, first frying the gumbo in a little hot lard. Many, however, boil the gumbo without frying.