How To Cook Liver (Melanie Lourant), No. 1

Put a little lard into a saucepan, and when hot throw in half an onion minced fine, one or two sprigs of parsley, chop-ped, and the slices of calf's liver. Turn the liver several times, allowing it to cook well and imbibe the taste of the onion and parsley. When cooked, place it at the side of the fire. In another saucepan make a sauce as follows: Put in a piece of butter size of a large hickory-nut, and when it bubbles sprin-kle in a heaping tea-spoonful of flour; stir it until it assumes a fine brown color, then pour in a cupful of boiling water, stir-ring it well with the egg-whisk; add pepper, salt, a table-spoon-ful of vinegar, and a heaping table - spoonful of capers. The sauce is very nice without the capers, but very much improved with them. Drain out the slices of liver, which put into the sauce, and let them remain at the side of the fire until ready to serve. Chopped pickle may be substituted for the capers, and stock may be used instead of the boiling water.

How To Cook Liver (No. 2)

Fry in a sautÚ pan some thin slices of breakfast bacon, and when done put them on a hot dish; fry then thin slices of liver in the same fat, which have previously been thrown into boiling water for only a moment, and then been sprinkled with flour. When well done on both sides, serve them and the bacon on the same dish, and garnish them with slices of lemon.