Slip a piece of garden hose about an inch long over the end of the faucets in the kitchen sink to prevent breaking dishes on the faucets.

How To Prevent Pipes Freezing

After water is shut off, always sprinkle a good handful of coarse salt over the holes in the sink with just enough water to carry it to the curve of the waste pipe. Treat all similar curves in the same manner.

How To Thaw Frozen Pipes

Use a hot water bottle.

When pipes become frozen in the yard, have an electrician connect a transformer of suitable size into circuit; one lead of the secondary is connected to the water valve or pipe near the curb and the other lead is connected to the water piping in the house. The current is then turned on, and the heat developed by the resistance of the water pipe to the flow of the electric current soon thaws the pipe.

A pipe-thawing electrical outfit is now manufactured.