Wash them each time they are used, and wash with kerosene once each week.

Keep two pieces of sheet iron on top of a gas stove, large enough to cover it. Enough heat will be diffused from one or two burners to cook a whole meal. It will also keep dishes hot.

On top of the gas stove under the burners, is a good place to spread a paper to catch falling particles.

How To Clean Asbestos Gas Logs

To clean the asbestos gas log when it becomes blackened, sprinkle it with salt, light the gas, and the asbestos turns white.

How To Clean A Gas Mantle

When smoke has blackened a gas mantle, sprinkle salt from a salt shaker on it, slowly, light the gas and let the salt burn off a little at a time.

How To Whiten A Hearth

Melt a little size in a jar with a quart of boiling water. When the size is melted, mix in the same quantity of whiting with just a bit of washing-blue. Wash the hearth, then paint with the mixture. Clean it by wiping with a cloth wrung out of cold water. When the whiting needs renewing, wash the hearthstone in hot water, and apply the mixture. Add more water when the mixture requires.

Packing The Stove Away

Rub a little oil, vaseline or kerosene over a stove before packing it away, to prevent rusting.