How To Clean Felt Hats

Rub corn meal carefully into the felt, and remove with a soft brush.

Or scrub with corn meal and gasoline.

The inner part of a stale loaf of white bread rubbed into the felt is sometimes very successful in cleaning.

Rub the entire hat with fine sandpaper and it leaves the hat like new.

To dust a felt hat, use a piece of velveteen.

How To Clean Straw Hats

Clean a black chip hat with a soft cloth dipped in alcohol.

To restore the color, use one-half pint hot water with one teaspoonful of ammonia. Cover the hat with a cloth wet in this mixture, let stand a few minutes, then place a warm iron over the cloth, and press into shape.

How To Freshen Black Straw Hats

Mix one ounce of black sealing wax and one-half pint of alcohol. Leave the bottle in a warm place till the contents are creamy, shake the bottle well, and brush over the hat.

How To Clean White Straw Hats

Mix corn meal and gasoline, and scrub with a small scrub brush. Apply till clean, and brush dry.

Another method is to make a paste of sulphur and lemon juice and scrub the hat with it, rinsing in clear water, very quickly.

And still another way is to pour peroxide of hydrogen on the hat and brush it with a small scrub brush. Repeat till clean, shape the hat, and dry in the sun.

How To Clean And Freshen Chiffon Hats

Mix equal parts of magnesia, French chalk and pulverized soap, sprinkle thickly on the hat, leave for a day, and brush off.

If a chiffon or flower hat is caught in a heavy shower, shake it well and suspend it bottom side up in some convenient place to dry. It will revive like new.

Any lace or flower or other hat may be dipped in gasoline entirely, and cleaned thoroughly. Always be careful to use gasoline out of doors.