How To Clean Bottles

Wash first in cold water, then in hot water with baking soda.

Cut up raw potato parings very finely, fill the bottle with them, cover with warm water and let stand twenty four hours. Remove a few of the parings, shake the bottle thoroughly, turn all out, and wash the bottle. It should be perfectly clean.

Crush egg shells and put in a bottle with clear cold water. Shake thoroughly, empty, and rinse well.

Put a piece of soap and a handful of small cinders in a bottle with hot water, shake thoroughly, rinse well, and drain.

How To Cut A Bottle No. 1

Wind cotton twine two or three times around the bottle just below where it is to be cut. Drop kerosene or alcohol very slowly on the cord until it is saturated, then ignite it with a match. When the flame has nearly died out, pour on a little cold water, and the bottle separates smoothly.

How To Cut A Bottle No. 2

To file, drill, or saw glass with a hack saw, keep the tool edge wet with camphor dissolved in turpentine.

How To Cut Glass

Fill a deep pan with water, put the hands, glass and scissors completely under water and hold them there while cutting any desired shape in glass.

Removing Stoppers From Bottles

Wrap the stopper round with a cloth dipped in boiling water. If the bottle contains smelling salts, put it into vinegar and water. Leave it a short time in a warm place, then stand it in hot water. Then hold it in one hand and tap it on first one side and then the other with a piece of wood, with an upward stroke.

Another way is to put a few drops of olive oil around the glass stopper, leave for an hour or more, and if it refuses to be moved, place the whole bottle in warm water and tap the stopper carefully on each side.

How To Remove A Cork From Bottle

Tie a nail on the loop of a string so it will not float, get the string under the cork and pull it out.

To keep a cork from sticking in a glue bottle, rub it with vaseline.

How To Make A Cork Smaller

Cut two wedge shaped pieces out of it at right angles across the small end, and it will fit tightly.

How To Keep Gas Globes From Breaking

Keep a paper clip over the edge of the globe.

Pouring Hot Liquids In Glasses

Put a silver spoon in a glass to prevent its breaking, when hot liquid is poured in.

When Glasses Stick Together

To separate glasses that stick together, set the lower glass in warm water and fill the upper with cold water.

Washing Glass

Wash cut glass in lukewarm water and brush with a bristle brush.

A little soda in the water is good.

Use small turkish towels for drying glass and silver, or fine linen ones.


To clean mirrors, use a soft cloth dipped in alcohol, and polish with a clean dry cloth.

Stains may be removed from mirrors by using a soft cloth dipped in spirits of camphor, polishing afterwards.

Never allow the sun to shine on a mirror, as it softens the backing, making the glass cloudy.

Mending China

Use common white lead for mending china and glass.

Apply the paint to the edges with a small stick, place rubber bands or twine around it to hold the parts together, and set away to become thoroughly hardened.

It is very much better, however, to immediately throw-out a piece of broken china, as all the mending in the world never makes it perfect, and there can be no satisfaction in having an imperfect piece of china that is liable at any time to fall apart and break several other pieces.

Cement For China And Glass

Use common white lead.

Cement For Enamel Ware

Mix equal parts of finely sifted coal ashes, sifted table salt, and soft putty. Fill the hole with this mixture and set the dish on the fire with a little water in it till the cement hardens.

Cement for joining leather, wood, and paper to metal mix one teaspoonful of glycerine with a gill of blue.

For Mending Rubber Articles

Try a piece of adhesive plaster where it is practicable.

Candles, Lamps, Etc

Keep candles in the refrigerator several hours, to harden them, to prevent drooping when used for decorations.

Fancy candles may be washed with a soft brush, with soap and water.

Put fine salt on a lighted candle to make it last.

Save all small candle ends to use in sealing fruit jars.

When carrying a candle in a draft, fasten it by its melted grease in a tumbler, using a short candle.

Filling Oil Lamps, Etc

Fill oil lamps with a funnel kept for the purpose.

Boil the burners occasionally in soda water.

Place a small lump of camphot in the oil to brighten lamplight.

If a lamp gets overturned, never pour water on it, but use earth, flour or sand.

Lamp Wicks

Soak a new lampwick in vinegar and dry perfectly before using, to prevent it smelling badly.

When a lampwick is too large, do not cut down the side, but draw several threads from the middle of the wick.

Put a new wick in a lamp through the top instead of the bottom of the burner.

Dip one inch of the end of a wick in starch and iron perfectly dry, to insert it easily in a burner.

Sew a piece of white flannel to the bottom of large lamp wicks and they may be used a much longer time.

How To Clean Lamp Chimneys

Wipe chimney with a cloth moistened with vinegar, then polish.

A few drops of alcohol rubbed on the inside of a lamp chimney will remove all the black.