How To Make Waterproof Paper

Mix sulphuric acid of an exact strength with one half its weight of water. A sheet of common paper placed in this solution becomes hard and fibrous, yet its weight is not increased, and it makes a better parchment for writing purposes than animal parchment.

How To Restore Faded Writing

Moisten the paper with water, then brush over with a solution of hydric-ammonia.

How To Prevent Mould On Books

Wipe the shelves with oil of cedar.

How To Clean Soiled Books

Use two parts of water to one part of vinegar, rub over the soiled pages, and leave the book open to dry.

Book covers soiled by grease may be cleaned by putting pipe clay or French chalk over the spots, then applying a warm iron.

To clean the edges (where they are not gilt edges) close the book tightly and erase with an ink eraser.

Cook Book Covers

Cook books should be covered with oil cloth or waxed paper.

How To Make Library Paste

1 1/2 pints rain water 1 oz. gum tragacanth a few drops of essential oil

Put in jars and be sure to keep tightly covered, and it is always ready for use.