For convenience in using, measurements in this book are given in both cups and pints.

Have a measuring cup and no difficulty will be experienced.

2 cupfuls butter= 1 pound= 1 pint

4 cupfuls flour= 1 pound= 1 quart

2 cupfuls sugar= 1 pound= 1 pint

21/2 cupfuls powdered sugar=l pound= 1 pint

1 cupful bread crumbs= 4 ounces

1 cupful grated cheese= 1/4 pound

3/4 cupful macaroni= 1/4 pound

1 cupful nut meats= 1/4 pound

1 cupful dates= 1/2 pound

1/4 cupful dates= 4 tablespoonfuls

1/3 cupful dates= 6 tablespoonsfuls

2 cupfuls milk or water= 1 pound 10 eggs= 1 pound

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Granulated sugar is used almost universally. Soda may be dissolved in either hot or cold water. When mixing, add ingredients in order given. Butter is softened, not melted, by placing on small tin in oven.

Flour is never used without being sifted, and measurements given mean after sifting. All measurements given are even or level.