A word to the wise: have plenty and proper dishes for cooking, and if you cannot purchase both dishes and bric-a-brac, by all means leave out the bric-a-brac. Have a good food chopper for grinding nuts, cheese, bread, herbs, etc., etc.

A wooden chopping bowl and sharp chopping knife. A nutmeg grater, also a large grater having different size punctures.

Quart measure - with other divisions marked. Measuring cup. Small sharp vegetable knife. Large sharp bread knife. Two steel knives and forks. A long doughnut fork and doughnut cutter. A cooky cutter. Lemon reamer. Egg-beater.

One draining, two mixing, two table, one dessert, three teaspoons. Pancake turner. Steamed pudding dish. Bread pans. Large baking pans. Perforated pie tins. Patent cake tins. Six granite cups to hold left-overs, etc.

Granite saucers and different sized round basins.

Double boiler.

Small steamer and kettle to fit.


Three different sized stew pans, granite.

Three different sized sheet iron frying pans.

A granite colander.

Three sizes, wire strainers.

Moulding board and glass rolling pin.

Flour sieve.