How To Freshen Stale Nuts

Remove shells and soak over night in equal parts of water and milk, then dry in the oven, being careful not to burn.

How To Blanch Nuts

Remove shells and pour boiling water over the nut meats. Allow them to soak a few minutes, then rub a few of them in a coarse crash towel and if the skins do not loosen readily, let them soak till they do.

How To Crack Nuts Whole

Pour boiling water over nuts, boil for ten or fifteen minutes, remove from fire, let cool, and crack.

Salted Almonds

Blanch the nuts, dry them in a towel, place them in a shallow pan and pour over them a teaspoonful of olive oil, stir them about, sprinkle with fine salt and put them in the oven to become light brown.

Boiled Chestnuts

Put in boiling water and cook till mealy. Serve in individual saucers, the nuts to be opened with sharp knives. The nuts may be sprinkled with salt.

Mashed Chestnuts

Cut a slit in the shell of each nut and leave them in boiling water till the shells are easily removed. Put the meats in boiling water and cook till soft. Drain off the water, put the nuts through a potato masher, return to the kettle and stir in a little butter and salt. Serve hot like mashed potatoes.

Nut Hash

Take two parts chopped cold boiled potatoes and one part chopped nut roast. Mix well, put in a frying pan with small piece of butter and a little water. Cover for a few minutes, then remove cover, sprinkle with pepper and salt, stir till of the desired consistency, and serve hot. Chopped nuts may be added, if desired. Serve with sliced raw onions, or catsup.

Nut Scrapple

2 cupfuls corn meal 5 cupfuls boiling water

1 cupful hominy 1 teaspoonful salt

2 1/4 cupfuls chopped nuts

Moisten the meal and hominy in cold water, then stir in gradually the boiling water, and cook in a double boiler till like mush. Then stir in the nuts and pour into a buttered baking tin. Set aside to cool. When cold, slice and fry in butter. Serve on a platter with green garnish-ings for a dinner dish.

Almond Nut Forcemeat

2-3 cupful chopped almonds 1/2 cupful cream

3 cupfuls bread crumbs 3 eggs

1/4 cupful melted butter 2 tablespoonfuls olive oil a dash of nutmeg

Add cream to beaten yolks. Blanch and chop the almonds to fill two-thirds of a cup and mix with the white of one egg. Stir crumbs and melted butter in a mixing bowl, add oil, then nuts, then the cream and yolk mixture, nutmeg, and finally the stiffly beaten whites. Press into a mould and bake carefully, or form into small balls and fry five minutes, and serve around a roast.

Peanut Butter

Shell peanuts and remove inner skins. Put them through the finest chopper several times, and mix with olive oil till like a very thick cream, and keep in a covered glass jar.