Do not use salted water in which to boil corn, as the salt toughens it.

Boiled Corn

Husk the corn, cut off any brown ends or spots, put in cold water, and boil for ten or fifteen minutes. Re-wrap the ears in the inner husk, tie around with twine and boil.

Corn In Milk

With a sharp knife, cut the kernels from boiled corn, place in a stew pan, cover with milk, add butter size of an egg, pepper and salt, heat to boiling point, and serve.

Corn In Tomatoes

Wash, peel and scoop out the centers of firm tomatoes, turn down and drain for a few minutes, then fill with a mixture of uncooked sweet corn kernels cut from the ear, a few chopped mushrooms, one-half teaspoonful of butter, and pepper and salt for each tomato. Pack closely in a buttered pan and bake for about thirty minutes.

Fried Corn Cakes

2 cupfuls milk

1 cupful canned or fresh corn

2 eggs

2 teaspoonfuls baking powder pinch of salt flour

Add the beaten yolks to the milk, salt and corn. Stir in a cupful of flour containing the baking powder, then a little more flour to make a stiff batter, and stir in very lightly the stiffly beaten whites. If more flour is needed, stir it in carefully. Fry on a hot buttered griddle and serve with syrup or molasses.