Always soak carrots in cold water three or four hours before using. And always cut them in slices when they are to be served in creams, because the outer part is richer in flavor than the center.

Boiled Carrots

Wash, scrape and put into cold water and boil till tender.

Drain off the water, and serve whole with butter, pepper and salt.

Carrots With Dressing

3 cupfuls sliced carrots 1 cupful milk dash of pepper

2 tablespoonfuls butter 1 dessertspoonful flour 1/2 teaspoonful salt

Wash, scrape and cut the carrots into thin slices. Cover with boiling water in a stew pan and cook till tender. Drain off the water and return to fire, adding the butter and seasoning. Smooth the flour into a little milk gradually adding all of it, and stir it into the carrots, letting all come to boiling heat, then remove from fire.