Save leaves of celery, parsley and other herbs, and dry in the warming oven. When thoroughly dry, pack away in glass jars to have ready for flavoring soups and vegetables.

A pinch of soda in the water in which green vegetables are boiled, is a help to keeping color.

When root vegetables have withered, to revive them, slice off the ends, then put the vegetables in cold water, leaving them for several hours.

If a small piece of charcoal is placed in the vegetable kettle, disagreeable odors will be removed, and vegetables not injured.

Spinach Greens

Wash spinach very carefully in at least three waters to remove all dirt. Cook in boiling water till tender, drain and season with butter, pepper and salt. A little cream may be heated and poured over it.

Water Cress Greens

Wash, leave out the large stems, and put the other pieces in a kettle of boiling water to cook thirty minutes. Drain well, and season with butter, pepper and salt.