Green Peas

Shell, cover with boiling water in a stew pan. Cook slowly till tender, drain, add butter size of egg, one-half teaspoonful salt and dash of pepper. Pour into a hot dish and serve in small dishes.

Or add a cupful of milk, allowing it to become hot when added with the butter.

A leaf of spinach may be added to the water in which peas are boiled to help them to retain a good green color.

A teaspoonful of sugar may be added to peas while boiling.

A sprig of mint in the boiling peas adds a nice flavor.

Peas may be cooked by washing the pods and boiling them whole. When done, the pods will burst open and the peas will go to the bottom.

Stuffed Green Peppers

Cut out stems and seeds, pour boiling water over them, let stand a few minutes and drain. Fill with equal parts cooked rice and tomatoes, or with bread crumbs soaked in cold milk, and chopped nuts. Season with salt. Stand on the small ends close together in a baking pan containing a little water, and bake.

Brussels Sprouts

Pick off the old leaves and wash the sprouts. Put a pinch of soda in a little boiling water in a kettle, turn in the sprouts, adding boiling water to cover. Boil until tender, drain, add butter, and season with pepper and salt.


Soak dried lentils in water over night, drain and put in a kettle with plenty of cold water and cook till tender. Drain, add butter, and season with pepper and salt.

Cream Sauce For Vegetables

1/2 cupful milk

2 tablespoonfuls made mustard

2 tablespoonfuls warm vinegar

1 dessertspoonful flour 1 dessertspoonful melted butter

Smooth the flour into just water enough for it to be pasty, add a little of the milk, heat the remainder milk in a double boiler and add flour mixture, stirring constantly.

When very hot, not boiling, add the other ingredients, heat for a few moments and remove from fire.

Always soak cabbage in salty water a half hour before cooking.

Place a piece of bread in the kettle with boiling cabbage to do away with the odor.


Always soak cauliflower in cold water one hour before boiling in salted water about thirty minutes. Place it head down in the kettle, and be sure it is all covered with water. ,


Wash the stalks after breaking them apart, leave part of the green tops on, put in cold water for an hour, and dry quickly on a soft towel before serving.


Wash, peel and slice cucumbers, soak in cold salt water one hour, drain, put on a cloth to dry, and serve cold.

Egg Plant

Wash, peel and cut into slices about three-fourths of an inch in thickness. Soak in salted water for an hour. Put a heavy earthen dish on the slices to keep them under water. Remove from the salt water, dip in egg, then in flour and fry slowly in a buttered frying pan. Use butter enough to prevent the slices sticking. Cover part of the time. Turn them to brown on the other side, using a pancake turner. Serve hot. Egg plant may also be baked like cabbage.