Boiled Rice

Wash two cupfuls rice, put in a double boiler and cover with four cupfuls of boiling water. Do not stir, but let cook till each kernel stands separately. Then stir in one-half teaspoonful salt, and serve hot or cold.

If desired for a pudding, add raisins, two beaten eggs and put in a baking dish and bake.

Or it may be added, part or in whole, to flour enough to thicken like stiff dough, dipped in egg, then in bread crumbs, again in egg and fried in a buttered frying pan.

Rice may also be cooked in milk.

Rice may be served with fruits, sugar and cream, or in any preferred style.

Rice Tomatoes

Stir one-half cupful cooked rice into two cupfuls stewed tomatoes, stew for ten minutes, add a teaspoonful of butter, and season with pepper and salt.

A teaspoonful of sugar may be added, if desired.