Plunge tomatoes into boiling water and pour through a drainer instantly, peeling immediately.

Fried Tomatoes

Peel and cut in thick slices, dip in corn meal or bread crumbs, season and fry in a kettle of cooking oil. Drain on clean brown paper.

Fried Green Tomatoes

Cut in thick slices and soak fifteen minutes in salt water. Drain, sprinkle with sugar, dip in corn meal or flour, season and fry in butter in a frying pan, or in a kettle of cooking oil.

Stewed Tomatoes

Peel, cut in pieces and stew till done. Add butter, salt and pepper, or sugar, for seasoning.

Sauce For Fried Tomatoes

1 tablespoonful butter

1 tablespoonful hot vinegar

1 egg a little mustard a little salt a little pepper

Melt butter in hot vinegar, stir in the beaten yolk, then the seasoning, the stiffly beaten white, and remove from fire.

Stuffed Tomatoes

6 tomatoes 1 egg

2 cupfuls bread crumbs a little chopped parsley

1 cupful chopped nuts 1/2 teaspoonful salt a dash of pepper

Wash, wipe dry, and cut a slice off the stem end of nice, firm tomatoes, remove seeds and pulp, mix the ingredients given, fill in, cover with the piece cut off, and bake in a buttered pan thirty minutes.

Stuffed Tomato Fillings

Equal parts chopped mushrooms and bread crumbs seasoned with chopped onion, parsley, pepper and salt, and olive oil.

Chopped boiled corn, bread crumbs, melted butter and salt. Boiled rice seasoned with salt.