Wash young turnip greens, and boil in plenty of water for about one hour. Season with pepper and salt. Butter should be added, unless they are to be eaten with vinegar.

Add a little sugar to the water in which turnips are to be boiled.

Boiled Turnips

Wash, peel off the thick skin, let stand one hour in cold water, put in fresh water containing a little salt and boil till tender. Drain off the water, mash, add butter size of an egg, and season with salt and pepper.

Stuffed Turnips

After boiling till tender, hollow out the center of each, mashing the part taken out, adding butter, pepper and salt, a little milk, one beaten egg, and enough bread crumbs to form a nice dressing. Pour into the turnips, rub a bit of butter over them and brown in a hot oven. Small turnips may be served individually, or large ones dished out by the host.