Baked Apples No. 1

2 quarts sliced apples 1/4 teaspoonful soda

1/2 cupful sugar 1/8 teaspoonful cloves

1/8 teaspoonful cinnamon

Peel and slice apples that are rather tart, and put the two quarts in an earthen baking dish, stone jar or bean pot; mix all the other ingredients thoroughly, adding a little at a time to the apples in the dish, shaking the dish frequently to mix the contents. Bake slowly for five or six hours.

Baked Apples No. 2

Wash and core apples, fill the centers with preserves or marmalade, sprinkle with sugar, and bake. Serve cold with whipped cream, or with plain cream with a little flavoring to suit the apple filling. Baked apples are good filled with raisins, dates and figs.

Baked Prunes

Soak dried prunes in cold water all night. Next morning (when baking bread is a good time), put them in an earthen baking dish or bean pot, cover with water, add sugar to taste, and let bake several hours.

Apple Sauce

Peel and cut in small slices as many tart apples as required. Just cover with cold water and when it boils, add sugar to suit the taste, and boil till sufficiently tender.

A few chopped dates may be added.

Or some finely chopped fresh lemon peel.

Or a little cinnamon.

Serving apple sauce with whipped cream and a few chopped walnuts is good.

Fried Apples

Peel and slice (not too thinly) tart apples. Dip in cold water, then in sugar, then place carefully in a wire basket and plunge into hot olive oil to fry till tender. Drain on brown paper, lay again in sugar, and arrange in any preferred style on a hot plate.

Nice to serve with Nut Roast.

Cranberry Mould

To one quart of washed cranberries add one and one-half cupfuls water and simmer till the skins burst. Strain through a colander and boil again, adding, as soon as it boils, one cupful sugar. Simmer slowly till thick, and stir often.

Cranberry Sauce

Wash one quart cranberries and simmer in one pint of water in a covered dish till the skins burst. Then add two cupfuls sugar and boil twenty minutes without the cover. Add a pinch of soda, but do not stir.

Stuffed Dates

Cut open dates lengthwise and remove seed. Fill the place of the seed with a nut meat and roll in powdered sugar.

Cream Dates

12 dates cold water whites of 2 eggs powdered sugar

1/2 teaspoonful flavoring

Remove seeds from dates. Measure an equal amount of water to the whites, beat whites stiffly, and add to the water with enough sugar to form a thick paste. Flavor, and fill in the date centers.

Stuffed Figs

Steam figs until soft. When cool, cut lengthwise and insert one-half of a marshmallow and a walnut meat.

Grape Fruit

Prepare the night before, by cutting in halves, loosening the juice by jabbing with a fork. Remove seeds, put over the center as much sugar as it will absorb. Add a few maraschino cherries, or a little wine if desired. To be eaten with an orange spoon and served for breakfast, luncheon or as a dinner salad.

Very artistic dishes may be made by cutting the grapefruit skins in pretty designs.


Keep lemons in a vessel filled with water, changing the water twice each week.

When lemons have become hard, cover them with boiling water in a covered dish, allowing them to remain two hours.

Lemons may be kept fresh for months by placing them on a flat surface and inverting a glass jar or tumbler over each lemon.

Dried Peach Sauce

Remove the skins by letting peaches stand a few moments in hot water. Boil and sweeten to taste.

The skins may also be easily removed after soaking all night in cold water.

Stuffed Prunes

Wash dried prunes, soak about three hours in cold water, drain, place in enough cold water to cover and boil ten or fifteen minutes, when pits may be removed. Then proceed as in directions for Stuffed Dates.