One recipe is given under White Bread. If these rolls are molded and the pan placed in a dish of warm water, or in a gas oven with the flame turned very low, they will be ready for baking in from ten to twenty minutes.

A cupful of finely chopped nut meats added to the above recipe at the last kneading, is fine.

Nut Rolls

Use the recipe for Baking Powder Biscuit, roll very thin, spread with butter and sprinkle with chopped raisins, or nuts or both. Roll this dough tightly, like jelly roll, cut into slices, and bake.

Parker House Rolls

2 cupfuls milk 1/4 cupful butter flour

2 tablespoonfuls sugar

1 teaspoonful salt

1 compressed yeast cake

To the scalding milk add salt, sugar, a little flour and the softened butter. Dissolve the yeast cake in about half a cupful of lukewarm water, stirring into the milk mixture as soon as it is lukewarm, not hot. Add sufficient flour to form a soft dough. Knead till it is smooth, put back into mixing pan, cover and let stand in a warm place till light. Usually it becomes very light in two hours. Turn it on the bread board, knead a little more, roll and cut into pieces to shape into rolls. Spread half of the inside with butter, fold the other half over and press it down. Place these in a covered well-buttered pan till they are twice their original size, and bake from ten to twenty minutes.