Entire Wheat Bread

1 pint milk

1 pint water

3 tablespoonfuls sugar

2 teaspoonfuls salt 1 cake yeast foam entire wheat flour

At night scald the milk, add water, sugar and salt and the yeast dissolved in a little of the warm milk and water. Stir in all possible of the whole wheat flour. Cover and keep in warm place till morning. Knead just enough to work into loaves to half fill bread pans, and when the loaves have risen to nearly the top of the pan, bake.

White Bread, Rolls And Bread Doughnuts

1 pint hot water or milk 1 pint cold water or milk butter, size of egg

3 tablespoonfuls sugar

3 teaspoonfuls salt

1 cake compressed yeast

Mix at night.

Dissolve yeast in 1/2 cupful lukewarm water. Stir butter, sugar and salt into the pint of hot water or milk, adding the cold water or milk after butter becomes softened, then add the yeast and all the flour you can stir in. Cover and keep in warm place till morning. Place on the floured moulding board, and knead just enough to work into three loaves, leaving a fourth loaf to work into rolls. Place the three loaves in bread pans, cover, let rise, and bake. Take the fourth loaf, work in a second piece of softened butter, mould into rolls, place in tin to rise.

Usually, in about half an hour, bread and rolls are ready to bake.

If the rolls are wanted later, place them in the refrigerator or cold place, till time to allow them to rise and bake.

Bread Doughnuts

Take one loaf of the bread mixture, dip a tablespoon first into hot cooking oil, then into this one loaf, and drop a small thin piece from the spoon into the hot oil ready for frying. They are fine with maple or sugar syrup.

Rye Bread

1 cupful scalded milk 3 cupfuls flour

1 cupful boiling water 2 tablespoonfuls butter

1/3 cupful sugar 1 tablespoonful salt

1 cake compressed yeast

Mix at night.

Dissolve the yeast in a little warm water, and as soon as the hot liquids are simply warm, not hot, add them to the yeast; then stir in the sugar, softened butter, salt and flour; cover and keep in a warm place to rise over night.

Next morning, add rye meal until thick enough to work into loaves. Allow this to rise, then work it into loaves, place in bread tins, let rise again and bake. Makes two loaves.

Boston Brown Bread No. 1

1 cupful corn meal 1 cupful graham flour 1 1/3 cupfuls sour milk

1/2 cupful molasses 1/2 teaspoonful soda 1 teaspoonful salt

Pour molasses into your mixing bowl, add the milk, then the soda dissolved in a little water, then meal and flour, and pour into two one-pound baking powder cans, put covers on tightly and steam three hours.

Boston Brown Bread No. 2

3/4 cupful graham flour 1/2 cupful corn meal 3/4 cupful sour milk

1/4 cupful molasses 3/4 teaspoonful salt 1/2 teaspoonful soda

Mix as in No. 1, pour into a two quart granite basin, cover tightly (place a weight on cover if necessary), steam two and one-half hours, and bake ten minutes.

Brown Bread No. 1

2 cupfuls graham flour 1/2 cupful corn meal 1 cupful milk butter, size of walnut

1/2 cupful molasses

1 egg

1 teaspoonful soda

1/2 teaspoonful salt

Pour molasses and milk into your mixing bowl, add the soda dissolved in a little water, salt, the butter softened, flour and meal. Bake in ordinary oven.

Brown Bread No. 2

2 cupfuls milk 1 teaspoonful salt

2 cupfuls corn meal 1/2 teaspoonful soda

1 cupful graham flour 2 teaspoonfuls baking powder

1/2 cupful molasses

Mix and bake as in Brown Bread No. 1.

Graham Bread No. 1

1 pint milk 2 cupfuls dried raisins

1 pint water 2 teaspoonfuls salt

3 tablespoonfuls sugar 1 cake yeast foam graham flour

Have the raisins washed and dried the day before, then proceed as per Entire Wheat Bread recipe, adding the perfectly dry raisins in the last kneading.

Graham Bread No. 2

2 cupfuls sour milk 1/4 cupful molasses 2 cupfuls graham flour 1 cupful corn meal

1 teaspoonful salt 1 teaspoonful soda butter, size of egg 1 cupful chopped raisins

Dissolve soda in a little water and stir it in the sour milk, add molasses, salt and part of the flour and corn meal, softened butter, adding the raisins and remainder of flour and meal alternately. Bake for about three-quarters of an hour.