Bird's Nest Toast

Have buttered dry toast ready. Break each egg and leave the yolk in the shell. Add a pinch of salt to the white and beat stiffly. Arrange the beaten white on the toast, place yolk in center, put in the oven and cook to suit.

Cheese Toast

Butter slices of bread, lay on a thin slice of cheese or cover with grated cheese, and place in a pan in the oven, leaving just long enough for cheese to melt. Crackers may be similarly toasted.

Dry Toast

Place slices of bread on clean top of hot range or on asbestos mat over gas stove, turning over to brown on upper side after under side is browned.

Marshmallow Toast

Cut bread in thin slices, butter, or spread with jelly, cut marshmallows in halves, place on top and put in oven for about two minutes, till the marshmallow is a bit browned. Serve immediately.

Milk Toast

2 cupfuls milk

4 tablespoonfuls flour butter, size of egg 1/2 teaspoonful salt

Stir flour smoothly in half the milk, heat the remainder of milk to boiling, stir in the flour and milk, add butter and salt, pouring over previously toasted bread. Serve hot. Bread is easily toasted by laying in a corn popper and holding over coals.