Apple And Fig Jam

Wash and wipe the desired quantity of apples, cut in two, but do not peel or core, remove stem, cover with cold water and cook till soft. Pour in a jelly bag to strain. Cut each fig of the desired quantity into three or four pieces, cover with cold water and cook till soft, then cool. After the figs are cold, stir in with the apple juice and sugar, using one pint of sugar to one pint of juice, and two cupfuls figs to four pints of juice. Boil this mixture till it jellies, then put it in sealed jars.

Part of this jam may be flavored with a little whole ginger.

Cranberry Jelly

Cook one quart cranberries in one cupful of water for ten minutes. Put through a sieve, add one cupful of sugar, stir till sugar is dissolved, then pour into glasses. Do not allow juice to boil after adding sugar.

Currant Jelly

Wash and remove imperfect berries, but not stems. Mash, bring to the boiling point and simmer till currants are colorless. Strain through a jelly bag. Let drip over night. Next morning, measure the juice and boil for five minutes. Add an equal quantity of heated sugar, boil five minutes and pour into glasses.

Currants and raspberries make one of the very best jellies.

Grape Jelly

Pick over the grapes, wash and remove from stems. Put in a kettle, heat to boiling point, mash and boil twenty minutes. Put through a colander, then through a jelly bag to drip till morning. Measure the juice and boil ten minutes. Add an equal quantity of heated sugar, boil five minutes and pour into glasses.

Red Raspberry Jelly

Pick over the berries, wash and cook slowly till soft, using one cupful of hot water to each quart of berries. Let drip all night in a jelly bag. Next morning, measure the juice and allow an equal quantity of heated sugar. Cook enough apples to make one cupful of apple juice, strain, add to the berry juice and boil twenty minutes.

Add the sugar and stir until dissolved, cook five minutes longer and turn into glasses.

Rhubarb Jelly

Wash, and cut rhubarb into small pieces, put in a kettle with cold water to cover and boil till soft. Let drip through a jelly bag over night. Do not squeeze. Measure the juice next morning, and allow an equal quantity of heated sugar. Boil the juice fifteen minutes, add sugar and boil five minutes. To each quart add one teaspoonful of gelatine dissolved in a little cold water. As soon as gelatine is dissolved in the juice, pour into glasses.

Dried Fruit Jelly

Wash the fruit, let soak over night and cook in the same water. Cook till tender and proceed as in making Apple Jelly.

Orange Marmalade

Wash and cut the peel in quarters from eight oranges and four lemons. Cook the peel until soft in enough boiling water to cover. Save four cups of this water and pour it over three quarts of sugar. Scrape the white insides of the peelings with a spoon, throwing this inside lining away, and cut the peelings in narrow strips with the scissors. Remove the seeds and the tough skin from the orange, dividing it into small sections. Then cook the syrup, pulp and peelings all together for nearly one hour.