Carrot Preserves

Wash and scrape three pounds of carrots, steam until tender, add two quarts of sugar, grated rind and juice of six lemons, and one-half cupful chopped almonds. Cook thirty-five minutes.

Lemon Rind Preserve

During the summer, whenever lemonade is made, after squeezing the lemons, drop the shells into a jar of fresh water, keep it in the ice box and change the water twice a week. At the time of changing, drops of pure oil of lemon will be found floating on the water. Put these drops carefully in a bottle. After about two weeks, scrape the white inside out with a spoon and throw it away. Weigh the shells and add an equal weight of sugar and cook slowly till thick.

Raspberry Preserves

Take an equal weight of fruit and sugar. It is usually cupful for cupful. Cook one-fourth of the fruit till soft. Strain it, and pour the juice in the kettle with the sugar, stirring till sugar is dissolved. Put in the remainder of the fruit and boil for five minutes. Dip out the fruit and put in jars till nearly full. Boil the syrup till it jellies, pour over the berries till jars are completely filled, and seal.

If a tablespoonful of glycerine be added to each pound of fruit used in making jam, it will prevent crystallization.

Fruit Jars

Turn fruit jars upside down to prevent fruit becoming mouldy.

Put a teaspoonful of pulverized borax into a pan of cold water, put the jars in the pan and set on the fire till the water is at boiling point. Remove the jars, place on a cloth wrung from hot water, and fill immediately with fruit. Put on one rubber and screw on the cover. Let stand till just cool enough to handle, and to harden the paraffin. Pour the paraffin all over the rubber where it touches the jar and where it hits the cover. When opening jars, save the paraffin and use again.

When a fruit jar cover refuses to come off, run a knife around the jar under the rubber band, and the cover will loosen immediately.

Saving Peelings

Whenever apples, peaches or similar fruits are peeled, dry the peelings, and at preserving time they are fine for jelly.

How To Remove Peach Skins

Place the fruit in a pan and cover it with boiling water.

Place another pan of the same size over this, and let stand until cool, and the skins will come off almost whole in the fingers. And when the peach is cut open, the pit will drop out.

When putting away fruit jars if the rubbers are dropped inside and the cover screwed down, the rubbers will be just as good the next season.

Discoloration on the hands from vegetables or fruit may be removed by dipping the hands in very strong tea and washing them in warm water.