How To Wash Laces

Fine laces, handkerchiefs, doilies or trimmings, may be made like new by soaking them in lukewarm Ivory soap suds for a couple of hours, changing the water and repeating till clean. Squeeze them very gently, rinse in several warm waters and while quite wet (do not squeeze), pat them carefully in shape on a flat smooth surface to dry. Place them right side up and they will look exactly like new, and it is very easy to spread each tiny figure into shape when it is quite wet. A large piece of marble or glass, the bottom of a large platter, or the bottom of a flat porcelain bath tub is good to dry them on. Thin laces may be dried on the window pane, but heavier lace will not stay on the glass. Lace yokes are beautifully done in this manner.

How To Dry-Clean Laces

Rub block magnesia or corn starch carefully into the lace, roll or fold and lay away for several days, when the powder may be shaken out. If not perfectly clean, repeat. Flat pieces of lace may be laid over a piece of white paper that is covered with block magnesia, the lace itself also well covered, another sheet of white paper laid on the lace and a heavy flat weight, like a large book, placed on top and left to press the lace for several days. Shake, or brush carefully with a soft brush.

How To Clean Lace Yokes

Sprinkle boric acid on a lace yoke, lay away for a couple of days, shake well, and the yoke will be clean without removing it from the waist.

How To Clean Lace Waists

Put a delicate lace waist into a two quart glass jar filled with gasoline with the top tightly screwed on, and let stand over night. Next morning pour out a little of the gasoline, shake the jar thoroughly, remove the waist, and shake carefully dry. If the gasoline is much soiled, rinse in clean gasoline. And do not use gasoline indoors.

How To Dry-Clean Lace Waists

Put a lace waist in a pillow case, cover thickly with corn meal and flour mixed, leave for several days, take out of doors and shake well but carefully in the bag. Then remove and shake free from the flour and corn meal.

How To Wash Lace Waists

Shake the dust from a washable lace waist, immerse it in clean warm water, with a tablespoonful of ammonia stirred in, then lay it in a wash bowl, cover it with strong Ivory soap suds and set in the sun for three hours. Do not rub, but dip up and down, rinse well in several warm waters, starch if desired, and press on the wrong side, on a padded ironing board.

How To Color Laces

Proceed in same manner as To Color Flowers.

How To Clean Veils

Put the veil into a glass fruit jar, filled with wood alcohol, screw the top tightly on, and leave for about ten minutes. Then pour out a little of the alcohol, replace the top and shake the jar thoroughly. Squeeze the veil carefully, and shake partly dry (out of doors), then pin over a sheet on a bed or table, to dry in shape. Do not use alcohol near fire.