How To Wash Veils

Dip the veil into a warm suds of Ivory soap, squeeze it carefully till clean, rinse in several warm waters, and pin on a sheet on a bed or table till partly dry, then press under a cloth with a warm iron.

How To Freshen Black Veils

Stir a dessertspoonful of ammonia into a quart fruit jar nearly filled with alcohol, put a black veil in, cover tightly, and shake thoroughly. Remove from the jar, squeeze carefully, shake till nearly dry, pin on a sheet on a bed or table, and leave till perfectly dry.

How To Freshen Black Lace

Spread the lace on a flat surface, brush carefully with a soft brush, and shake out the dust. Mix in a saucepan one dessertspoonful of dry tea, one pint of boiling water and one teaspoonful of gum arabic. Simmer slowly, stirring till the gum is dissolved. Strain into a dish and soak the lace in it for thirty minutes. If the lace is silk, add a teaspoonful of alcohol to the solution. After soaking, squeeze the lace carefully, then put it in folds of cloth and squeeze. Then smooth it in shape, roll carefully in a dry cloth, let remain an hour and press over paper on a padded ironing board, with a paper on top of the lace which must be pressed on the wrong side.

How To Stiffen Lace

Put a pinch of sugar in the last rinsing water.

How To Clean A Black Wool Gown

Sponge with ammonia and warm water, a tablespoonful of ammonia to a quart of water. Rub powdered French chalk into the spots, leave for half a day, cover the chalk with clean white blotting paper and set a warm iron on it. Then sponge again with ammonia and water, and press carefully under a cloth, on the wrong side where possible.

How To Wash A Black Wool Gown

Boil one ounce of soap bark solution in one quart of water. When thoroughly steeped, strain, and add to two gallons of hot water. Put the dress in this and dip up and down till clean. Rinse in warm water, squeeze carefully, shake out doors and let drip partially dry. Shake again, hang up again and when nearly dry, press carefully on the wrong side.

How To Clean Covert Cloth

Mix six ounces of water, one ounce of sulphuric ether and one ounce of ammonia. Sponge covert cloth with the mixture, then sponge with warm water, cover with a damp cloth and press dry, pressing on the wrong side where possible.

How To Clean Spots From Cashmere

Make a paste of Fuller's earth and cold water, and put on the spots and leave for several hours, then brush.

How To Clean Macintosh Coats

Dissolve a handful of the best gray lime in half a pail of water, and apply to the coat, with a sponge. Repeat, after three hours.

How To Remove Gloss From Clothing

Rub carefully with fine emery cloth. After using emery cloth on very smooth surfaces, rub carefully the way of the nap with a warm silk handkerchief.

Sponging with hot vinegar is good for removing shine from woolen garments.

Black wool may be sponged with borax and water, then with clear water, to remove gloss.

How To Dry-Clean White Cloth

Rub pipe clay into the soiled places, leave for a few hours, or a day or two, then brush off the pipe clay with a small scrubbing brush kept for the purpose.

How To Clean White Fur Cloth

Brush the cloth the way of the nap, shake, dip a clean sponge in alcohol and wash thoroughly in the direction the nap goes. Have mixed one part powdered borax and three parts powdered starch, and sprinkle on while the cloth is wet, all it will hold. Leave in a clean place for three days, then brush out all the starch.

How To Wash White Sweaters And Shawls

Use a tablespoonful of Pearline to each pailful of warm water. Cover the garment with this, press down with the hands to squeeze out the dirty water. Let soak thirty minutes, pour off the water and repeat till clean. Rinse in several clean warm waters, but do not lift from the tub or bucket the garment is washed in. Take out of doors, pour off all the water possible. Squeeze the garment into a bunch in the two hands and dump quickly on a dry sheet on the grass in the hot sun. Spread the garment in shape and let dry. It will be perfect. If the sun is not hot enough to dry it on the grass, the garment may be spread on a sheet stretched on quilting or curtain frames across boxes or chairs.

How To Clean White Wings

Make a paste of naphtha and French chalk, letting it dry on the wings and remain for a day, then, brush.

Ordinary white wings may be scrubbed with a small scrubbing brush and Ivory soap suds. Scrub in the direction the wings grow, rinse well and while drying, brush frequently.

How To Color Flowers

Squeeze a little oil paint of the desired color into a cup. Pour in a little gasoline, and mix it with a stiff brush (about one-half inch in width) with the paint. Add gasoline a little at a time till the right shade is reached. Try a leaf in it, dipping in, then shaking dry. Drying makes the color several shades lighter. Ribbons, laces, gloves, etc., may be tinted in this manner.

How To Prevent Silk From Cracking

Press with a hot iron.