How To Mend Gloves

Sew over and over on the wrong side with cotton thread, or place court plaster of the same color on the underpart, smoothing till dry.

How To Preserve New Gloves

Wrap in paraffin paper to prevent fading.

How To Freshen Black Kid Gloves

Cover with ink and polish with a soft cloth when dry.

How To Clean Chamois Leather

Wash in a weak solution of soda and warm water. Soap the chamois skin with Ivory soap and soak it in the soda water for two hours. Rub it softly till clean, rinse in two soapy waters (not clear water), wring in a rough towel, dry in the air, and when nearly dry, pull carefully into shape.

How To Freshen Suede Kid

Rub with a piece of emery paper.

How To Dry-Clean White Gloves

Lay the gloves on a table, rub into them Fuller's earth and powdered alum mixed in equal quantities, rub well, then brush well, and sprinkle with dry bran and whitening. Leave on a short time, then shake.

How To Wash White Silk Gloves

Wash at night with Ivory soap suds. Rinse well and let dry in the dark to prevent turning yellow.

How To Clean White Kid Gloves

Put on the hands and proceed to wash them as though washing the hands in a bowl of gasoline. When clean, wipe dry on a clean white flannel or towel. Remove and hang out to air. Use gasoline out of doors.

How To Clean A White Parasol

Put in a tub of warm Ivory soap suds, and scrub inside and out, carefully, with a small scrubbing brush. Rinse well, and dry open, out of doors in the sun. If the parasol is white silk, dry in the shade.

How To Clean Khaki Trousers

Use warm water, soap, and a scrubbing brush.